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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) General

(1) We have 3 subscriptions of your choice, (Bronze, Silver, Gold), this depends on how many products you want to list and showcase.
(1) Our platform is sophisticated, therefore, we allow vendors to subscribe to a set number of showcased products, but they can switch it between all of their listed products.
(2) Example: if you list 25 products, then you can showcase 5 only… but these 5 are dynamic, and can be changed anytime to show any of your 25 products… it is a simple on/off button.
(1) We have multiple places for advertisements, ranging from (Banners, Main menu, mobile notifications, SMS advertising, email newsletters), you need to choose which medium you will like to use and for how long….
(1) Vendors Corner doesn’t charge any commissions or fees on offline payments.
(2) We do charge a rate of 7.5%, only for online payments, due to charges born from payment gateway providers.
(3) Therefore, if you want to avoid such commissions, then you can accept COD orders.

2) Inventory

(1) It is advisable that you reflect the correct quantity of your available inventory on the tool
(2) Since deliveries are always urgent, customers want transparency on stock levels.
(1) We advise you to encourage your customers to place future orders, in order to track the inventory levels for the upcoming months.
(1) The tool will always keep you updated on your dashboard with the stock levels for each one of your products.
(2) It will list the item that will be out of stock on the top of the list.

3) Registration

(1) All you need to do is read and sign our VendorsCorner Contract
(2) Provide a list of all relevant Trade licenses, Certifications, MOH Authorizations, etc.
(3) List of Warehouses and your distribution area (Only Emirates).
(4) Provide a list of all products with images and prices.
(5) Nominated Authorized person to act as an administrator on company letterhead.
(6) Bank Account details.
(7) You can list your bank details in your profile page.
(1) Yes, once you join, you will need to nominate an administrator for your account.
(2) This person will be provided with the necessary trainings for managing the account.

4) Legal Status

(1) NO, Vendors must be an authorized legal Company to work in the Country.
(2) Individuals will not be allowed to trade on

5) Payment Management

(1) The payment process is easy and straightforward, and includes the following steps:
1. Upon signing up to the platform, you will need to provide us with your full bank account details, with signature and stamp, this form must be on the Vendors
Letterhead and includes the following details:
  • Account Holder Name
  • Bank Name
  • Branch Name
  • Account Number
  • IBAN
  • Nationality (for UAE sellers only)
2. Payments are made within 7 working days from your request.

6) Global Vendors

(1) Unfortunately, currently don’t allow international Vendors to list their products on as we are supporting the local products and services to ensure customer satisfaction.
(2) We are currently working on providing the right tools to insure better management and follow-up whether we will allow international Vendors to list their products as a “View Only”, as well as defining a solid process that takes international shipping into consideration.
(3) Once done, we will consider allowing this.