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Supplier Learning Center

Supplier Learning Center

How to list your Products with

  • Create Account
  • Get It Verified from Our Support Team
  • Go to My Account
  • Click Add Product
  • Upload the Content & Image
  • Click Save
  • Product Gets Live

How Businesses place their orders online?

  • Customers explore products
  • Customer Place Order
  • Customer Select the Shipping Method
  • Customer Select Payment Method
  • Seller Get Notification
  • System Generate Ordering Code
  • Product Get Shipped
  • Customer Receives Product
  • Provide Ordering Code as Receiving

How to manage customer orders?

  • Vendors will be able to review the order, revise it or acknowledge it.

What is order tracking ID?

  • Once order is acknowledged, a unique code is generated for delivery confirmation

How to select the shipment process?

  • Vendors create and manage their shipment the usual way

How to do order confirmation?

  • Send it for delivery, and requests the code from the customer

How shipment takes place?

  • Once the code is entered, the shipment will show as delivered

Other method of payment?

  • You manage your payments offline with your customers.